Automotive EV & Hybrid

With the ever shifting movement of the automotive industry to reduce the impact on the environment there has been an ever increasing development of EV & Hybrid technologies and vehicles. Involution is working in the Hybrid commercial/construction Electric vehicle market since 2013 in collaboration with electric motor companies such as MAGTEC and YASA. The following are some examples of our current projects:

Electric Hub Drives

Single Speed Wheel Drive (20″)



Involution in combination with Magtec have supplied Dongfeng (top three automotive manufactures in China) with an Electric Hub Drive system for a 4X4 prototype truck. Our 20” Wheel Drive has the following characteristics:

Rated wheel load – 1600kg Ratio of reducer – 9.15

Permanent magnet synchronous motor Max. Operation speed of motor - 7000rpm

Rated power of motor - 50kW Peak power of motor - 100kW(@DC600V,100s)

Rated torque of motor - 180Nm Peak torque of motor - 360Nm(@ DC600V, 100s) Motor voltage - 400VDC-700VDC

Such systems allow for the elimination of traditional mechanical transmission. Vehicles can be configured as, diesel electric, pure electric with batteries or with a combination of batteries and a small engine. In such a configuration the engine is typically a third of the size and provides a range extender capability to the battery. Systems allow for individual wheel torque and speed control, which gives significant advantage over conventional mechanical drive systems, examples include a 6×6 climbing a steep incline where more power is distributed to the rear wheels or to give “skid steer” capability. Other benefits include:

Two Stage Wheel Drive (22″)

Another project supplied with Magtec in combination with Involution supplied to a major OEM in China.

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Two Stage Wheel Drive (22.5″)

This Involution project, currently at the concept evaluation stage for the application of an Involution designed set of gear hubs with YASA motors for an airport tug application.

Wheel load  16000 Kg

Max. torque on wheel:   61kNm

YASA Axial flux motor

Douglas 2Douglas4

Hybrid Vehicle Drives

Together with our partners we are able to specify, design and manufacture of the complete series hybrid systems Series systems usually involve integrating an electric motor into the existing drive train which is then powered either purely by batteries or with a small range extender diesel generator, which is typically a third of the size of the equivalent vehicle engine. The range extender is typically only used on the open highway, meaning that for a city delivery truck most of the time the vehicle can operate in zero emissions mode. This type of vehicle could obviously help free up the air in the worlds most polluted mega cities some of which have bans on commercial vehicles during excessive pollution periods. Such systems can give fuel savings of 40-50% compared to conventional engine vehicles this gives the operator a return on investment of only 2-3 years. We can also retrofit such systems allowing the operator to keep their existing fleet. We are able to provide several different engine mounted generator systems and energy storage (capacitors or batteries) to provide the complete series hybrid solution. Together with our partners we can create complete specification, design and manufacture of the complete system.

Large Mining Vehicle

large-mining-vehicle   Above is shown our large mining truck drive that is currently being developed. Typically this type of drivetrain is for Large mining Trucks 250t / 450t payload. Together with our partners we are able to specify, design and manufacture of the complete drive system including geared wheel motor, power converter for each wheel, generator, DC bus, battery storage, and vehicle controller. A typical configuration looks like this: large-mining-vehicle-2   We are able to supply all of the components of our design via China, which gives a significant cost saving over the equivalent western supplied systems. The advantages of our system. Complete drive train including geared wheel motor, power convertor for each wheel, generator, DC bus, battery storage, and vehicle controller.

Significantly reduced the fuel consumption due to duty cycle re-gen and total drive train efficiency   Advanced split torque flexible pin gearbox.

CVT (continuously variable transmission)

A continuously variable transmission provides the ideal torque and power curve to the wheels of a vehicle. From rest it provides maximum torque the wheels can transmit to a vehicle speed at which maximum power is reached. From this point onwards it provides constant power continually to the wheels without a break in transmission. The ratio of max torque to max speed defines the transmission and the higher this ratio the more demanding the transmission design. The CVT is the best transmission for the range of typical heavy vehicles illustrated. Giving maximum tractive effort and reduced fuel consumption. Modern motor technology and modern electronic control technology make such transmissions very feasible with an electrical hybrid combination.

CVT Gearbox – Torque & Power Curve

power-curve   Typical applications include the following vehicles: hybrid-img


Range1 The transmission starts as a engine driven generator driving a motor with a pure electric drive. This is the case for speeds of +/- 1.6km/h. The electric drive is rated at 100kW which sets the maximum speed under direct drive. Electric drives were employed rather than hydraulic because of better control, and they allow the potential to have energy storage and recovery thus greatly reduced fuel consumption. The auxiliary hydraulic pump is also drive electrically giving independent control. Range 2,3,4,&5 1.6 to 40KPH   range2   Range 2, 3, 4 & 5 A schematic of the differential transmission is shown. There are three primary gear trains, train 1 and 2 which form the continually variable differential gear, and train 3 which give a two speed output gear. Sequential engagement of the clutches which are synchronised allows the transmission to change output speed from 1.6 to 40 KPH under constant power to the wheels.